Kushiel's Legacy Project - The Eglantine Adept

Some of you may have found your way to my site through my project of music inspired by the Kushiel's Legacy series of books by the great Jacqueline Carey. This was back in the olden days of Myspace, but with Jacqueline's blessing, I have revitalized the project, and recorded 5 new full tracks of orchestral music inspired by favorite characters and scenes on March 13th, 2017 with the Fames Project Orchestra in Macedonia! They have an incredible sound, and I'm so happy with the tracks!

The session was absolutely WONDERFUL. I couldn't be more impressed with the professionalism and artistry of all involved, and wish I could thank them individually. The music was mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated mixing engineer Jeremy Underwood and will be released at the beginning of June. 

Art like the incredible piece below by Tia Mansouri is part of the reward levels. She's even doing a very limited amount of custom marques for hardcore fans of the series who pledged at the $100 level!

Turn and Face Me by Tia Mansouri