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"You saw things in the film that I didn't, and ran with them. You built on some of the suggestions I made and went off in a completely different, but much much better direction. Your score helped to maintain my film's proper dramatic and emotional focus and played an important and conscious role in people's enjoyment of my film."

- Filmmaker Joshua Gizelt, "The Early Mixes"



check out some of my work here:

The beginning of this video features sound and picture from my scoring session at Sundance! Enjoy! Take a look inside the Sundance Film Music and Sound Design Lab. Hear from fellows and creative advisors speak about the importance of scoring and building a world of sound in film. The Film Music & Sound Design Lab at Skywalker Sound brings together fiction and documentary filmmakers, emerging film composers, and sound designers to explore the power sound has to heighten the impact of a film.




Custom Music by Christy Carew Marshall at 5 Alarm Music for this NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt "Understanding Matters" Promo.

You can hear me playing chopsticks and Bach in this clip from CBS' Scorpion - I was actually on set that day, with the six figure robotic arm strapped to my arm, which was removed in post. I had so much fun with this amazing cast and crew.

"Being teased as a government musical therapist by series lead, Elyes Gabel on CBS' Scorpion. Episode 2.01, "Satellite of Love.""

Here is a sample from my score for THE LACKEY - Jude St. Clere can't get his daughter out of his head and goes on a bender to deal with it.

NBC's Hit show "The Blacklist" - Through 5 Alarm Music, I had the honor of custom composing the tango pieces you hear in this clip. The dance was choreographed to my music. The Blacklist featuring Mariana Parma and Dardo Galletto, dancing Argentine Tango.

My custom main title theme for the Curiosity Stream show, "Deep Time History"

Official "America the Beautiful" arrangement I did through 5 Alarm Music for The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year. It was used as part of the main title for The Purge: Anarchy and also used in all three advertising campaigns worldwide. This track has also been featured on America's Got Talent. 

Another sample from the indie feature film score, THE LACKEY - bar fight! Cool martial arts fight choreography here between Shaun Piccinino and Guy Grundy.

Through SoundCat productions, I scored this Dick's Sporting Goods commercial in 2012. "Former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis takes viewers on a tour of Gifts That Matter at DICK'S Sporting Goods, and shares a gift that mattered to him, in his life."

The Empty Womb - Fine artist Robbi Firestone's installation. Betsy Chasse, producer/writer/director of What the Bleep Do We Know?, has created a short documentary about Robbi Firestone's installation. The work examines the cult of woman as creator while simultaneously examining frailties, jealousy, and rage erupting from unfulfilled hopes for biological lineage.


I scored this powerful short film in November 2016 and I'm really proud of my involvement in this project. 

Here is another example of my 5 Alarm Music arrangement of America The Beautiful in The Purge: Anarchy advertising campaign. Creepy and effective! 

I collaborate often with the incredibly talented director D.K. Johnston, of Tri-Seven Pictures. I scored his short film "The Cypherian" in 2009. The feature film script for The Cypherian recently won 1st Runner Up at the Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition. DK was kind enough to compile some of his favorite scenes featuring my music from the score so I could host them here.

Thanks to Cavendish Music in the UK for this great BBC use of my music! from 5 Alarm's BRANDED CD!

5 Alarm has a track from one of our great libraries, CUE, in this commercial - the cool reverse piano sounds. I composed the underscore piano and arranged, for a great collaboration with one of our awesome clients. Love this ad!

Experienced, Versatile Composer


"After collaborating with Christy Carew on both narrative and documentary films, I can say that she is a talented film composer with an uncanny understanding of story, whether it is fictional or true. She can take a simple idea about character, story or concept, and turn it into music that lifts the film to a whole new experience."

-  Filmmaker Mikiko Sasaki, "January", "8 AM", "Story of A Businesswoman"