Sitting in on incredible sessions and what it has taught me

I've been extremely lucky over the past 2 months to be invited to two very special scoring sessions. The first one was at the legendary Newman Scoring Stage on the Fox lot, and I was the guest of one of my favorite composers of all time and someone I'm lucky enough to call a true personal hero and friend. I can't really explain how satisfying and educational it was to see how a real, A-list, top level session is run. From the composer at the podium to the director to the concertmaster, everyone had a fun, seamless way of communicating and all the fine musicians in the orchestra and booth were clearly having the time of their lives. I sat transfixed hanging on every note. 

The second session was at the Eastwood Scoring Stage closer to home, at Warner Brothers, also an incredible hall with generations of storied film scores having been recorded there. This featured the work of a composer I wasn't as familiar with, but again, I was so impressed with the music and professionalism on display. Once again there was that thrill in the air of pure enjoyment and happiness. 

I am a firm believer in the idea that "if you can see it, you can be it." Now I can very clearly visualize being on these two stages recording my own music with these unbelievably gifted musicians. And now I see how months and months of hard work and painstaking process lead to that glorious moment when everything comes together through the bombastic sound of a full orchestra of LA's finest, and the director's face lights up as they hear the composer's vision taking their storytelling to new heights. Priceless education for me and I'm eternally grateful!