Thank you to Richard Kraft and Sarah Kovacs of Kraft-Engel Management

We had an amazing seminar this week at KEM organized by Miriam Mayer, Dan at KEM and myself. Richard Kraft and Sarah Kovacs generously donated their time to a group of composers from the AWFC and Perspective Forum

When I analyzed the spreadsheets we completed at the Forum - all the feature films that had theatrical release in 2016, and all the television shows that aired - women composers made up about 3% in both worlds. How to address this and bump that percentage up? There need to be more women running the marathon. Richard and Sarah are doing what they can to help encourage that into reality.

We talked about life, attitudes, shifting perspectives, expectations, music, demos, applying to score feature films, gratitude, helping others - so many incredible topics covered. It was funny and wild and wonderful. So much composing talent packed into one room, I kiiiiind of couldn't handle it - many of my personal heroines. Thank you Miriam for your initiative and drive and pizza. Thank you again Richard and Sarah for giving so much to our community.