Congratulations Oscar nominees!

A wonderful selection of scores have been nominated!

OF COURSE, my favorite and what I think will ultimately win the golden statuette: JOHN WILLIAMS, THE LAST JEDI. Powerfully complex, subtle, emotional, and the full power of a master on display. 

Jonny Greenwood, always an incredible voice to listen to, has his first-time nomination with THE PHANTOM THREAD. Just gorgeous work!

I also really enjoy Alexandre Desplat's beautiful work on THE SHAPE OF WATER

Carter Burwell lends his unique vision to the evocative score for THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE OF EBBING, MISSOURI

Who will ever forget the viscerally powerful and blisteringly effective score for Dunkirk by Hans Zimmer?

I would have loved to see JOHN DEBNEY nominated for THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, MICHAEL ABELS for his work on GET OUT, as well as Tamar-Kali for her work on MUDBOUND. I also loved BENJAMIN WALLFISCH's score for IT.


Looking forward to watching the ceremony! Congrats to all!